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Flexible Programming to suit YOUR needs

Our goal is to promote creative opportunities for reading, writing, and speaking poetry. We put high quality, accessible poetry into the hands and heads of students and teachers. With the right resources, people become empowered to examine their own stories and and gain the confidence to tell them. We can design a program to fit your specific needs whether it's a student small group, classroom workshops and creative writing units, assemblies or performances, and even teacher inservice events!

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Sample Curricula & Services



Fostering creativity and strengthening writing skills in a variety of areas is our expertise. All offerings directly support classroom curriculum while engaging students with imaginative and often playful themes. Workshops are project-based and taught by experienced, accomplished literary professionals.

Open Mics


Listen, write, and share: Poets need a platform, an audience, and the opportunity to read what they've written. We organize events of brave space that encourage and inspire writers and listeners of all ages.


Word Circus

Slams are friendly, organized competitions featuring original, three-minute long poems that are judged on a scale of 0-10. We organize school, district, and city-wide slam events with the goal of forming a diverse team of young people to coach in performance, skill, and style.

From Inkling to Ink

Writing it Down

Moving an idea through pen to page can be a challenge. We create the unique circumstances into which poems arrive and teach the classic skills of writing poetry in unconventional ways! Using a variety of activities and example poems, participants emerge with solid poems for their portfolios!

From Page to Stage

Sharing Out Loud

We've written poems and now it's time to present them! Part acting, part speech, part elocution, part play, we move from page to stage learning and practicing sharing out loud, for an audience, and for the pleasure of the words!


Individual/Small Group

We work to inspire learning, foster creativity, and help students understand and complete their homework each day.  We accomplish this by providing reliable access to invaluable academic assistance.


Editing & Design

We aim to publish an array of student-authored literary quarterlies, newsletters, chapbooks, and anthologies to be displayed, distributed, and sold. We use professional editors and designers to allow the students' work to shine!

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